Galicia is in fashion!

Galicia will welcome you with open arms. Gastronomy and culture go hand in hand across the whole region. Nature at its finest results in excellent raw materials, both from the land and the sea. All this, added to our legendary traditions, creates a unique idiosyncrasy within the geographical borders of Europe.


Walkin & Eatin Galicia allows you to discover the hidden treasures of Galicia, an ideal destination for all kinds of travellers.

We will offer you a unique and unforgettable trip across Galicia. From Walkin & Eatin Galicia we want to be your travel partners, the hosts who plan your trip, allowing you to enjoy this land with your five senses.

We will reveal the history behind each landscape, becoming a fundamental piece of your journey, essential to understand our land and its people.

We are passionate about our job and our homeland, and have an extensive experience that will allow us to design a route that suits your needs.

Admirando el pasado

Trip organization in Galicia

Our local and accredited guides work all across Galicia, from A Coruña to Vigo. The blue umbrellas that identify our guides merge with the hue of the ocean and the sky.

We offer a wide range of free tours. Furthermore, if you prefer a tailored visit or want to discover other cities and regions, we will be delighted to organize a route that suits your needs.

We love our job and our greatest desire is to share it with you in our guided tours.